Artist Flo Oy Wong describes her experiences working in Ai Joong Wah, the family restaurant in Oakland Chinatown at a 2010  book talk by John Jung at the  Main Library, San Francisco. 

Julie Wong Hornsby shares her memories from New Shanghai, her family's Chinese restaurant in Lodi, Ca., at a presentation by John Jung on his "Sweet and Sour" book at the Chinese Community Church, Berkeley. Jan. 25, 2011. 

"Noisy Jim" of the New Outlook Cafe, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada. Part 1 of 4 of a documentary by Tony  Chan of rural Chinese cafes.

Bill Tong shares memories of growing up in his family restaurant, Tong's Tea Garden, at a book event with John Jung at the Chinese American Museum of Chicago, June 2011. 

 On March 21, 2014 Bill informed me about an impending "redevelopment" of the area around Tong's Tea Garden's site because Northeastern Illinois University wants to expand  even at the cost of destroying vibrant old neighborhoods. Here is a  summary from Bill  of the long history of the Tong Tea Gardens family restaurant that may soon be nothing but history:    

Panama Cafe, a 3 generation Chinese restaurant in Victoria, B. C. Canada.  Part 1 of 4 segments of Tony Chan's documentary.

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