RTHK's documentary, episode 4, covered Chinese restaurant history and included segments filmed in Portland, Oregon at my talk on "Sweet and Sour."  It starts at the 23 min,47 sec. mark and concludes at 28:55 after an interview of Bruce Wong, grandson of the original owners of the iconic Hang Far Low Restaurant conducted at the Canton Grill Restaurant where they filmed cooks preparing chop suey for Bruce and I to eat while discussing its history

Excerpt from talk at Friends of Foo's Ho Ho Restaurant fundraiser, Vancouver, B. C. Canada, May 27, 2010 

Review of San Diego Chinese Historical Museum Talk
Review of 'Sweet and Sour' Book Talk at San Diego Chinese Historical Museum, Aug. 14, 2010

A  review of Sweet and Sour from Kitchen Arts & Letters, a leading "foodie" culinary store in New York City

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