Chinese Restaurants is a fascinating documentary by Cheuk Kwan who traveled to 15 countries to find and interview  Chinese restaurant owners. 

TED Lecture by Jennifer 8. Lee, Author of Fortune Cookie Chronicles 

See a trailer for  "The Search for General Tso" a documentary in the works inspired by Jennifer 8 Lee's account of the popular American-Chinese dish General Tso's chicken.

 View over 10,000 photographs of many vintage Chinese restaurants all around the world and some of their fading neon signs on a database Flickr (See also this set of signs)

Sue-On Hillman talks about the history of her family's Chinese restaurant in Manitoba, Canada, and about the ubiquitous small Chinese cafes found across the Canadian prairies.

 Similarities exist in the history of Chinese restaurants everywhere.   Sweet Mandarin, Helen Tse's story of her family restaurant in Manchester, tells of an amazing journey from Hong Kong to England.

 Sweet and Sour, Smithsonian Institution's National Museum on America History blog based on its exhibit on Chinese restaurants/food.

Museum of Chinese in America in N Y  exhibit in 2004-5 on Chinese food and restaurants, "Have You Eaten Yet?"

1. The hard lives of Chinese restaurant cooks and waiters is the focus of the first half of a  film, Chinatown Immigrants in America.  

2. Jacqueline Miao provides a glimpse into the difficult lives of waiters who toil in many Chinese restaurants.   

3. Delivery of take out orders is dangerous due to robbery and assault as dramatized in Take Out, the Movie, a realistic free online film. 

 Janice Wong's  charming book, CHOW, from China to Canada: Memories of Food + Family  ... recipes, family photos, and history based on her parents'  Lotus Cafe in Prince Albert, SK..

Foo's Ho Ho is a revered Chinese family-run restaurant serving village food in Vancouver Chinatown that locals have rallied behind to keep it alive in the face of hard times for businesses in the old Chinatown. I was happy to speak at a fundraiser there in 2010.

 Jen Lin Liu'charming book, "Serve the People: A Stir-fried Journey Through China"   Adventures as a food writer in China learning to cook.

History of the Far East Cafe in Little Tokyo in L. A., which played a key role in the community for decades, and celebrated at a reunion. 

Chinese-Kosher Restaurant in Montreal interview  about  many Jews dining in Chinese restaurants especially on Christmas. 

The Egg Foo Yong Story,  a blogger's delightful account of her fascination of egg foo yong that started in her childhood.  She provides a glimpse of the historical context of this popular dish.

Have You Eaten (in Every Chinese Restaurant) Yet?  David Chan has eaten in 6,297, and still counting, Chinese restaurants.

Early Chinese cafes on the Canadian prairie had a lot in common with those in the U. S.  They shared Toishan roots and cuisine.

Trailer for "The Killing of A Fortune Cookie," documentary by Derek Shimoda on this icon of Chinese restaurants .

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