There were few Chinese in the Deep South during most of the last century so it is not surprising that there were few Chinese restaurants there, and those that did exist did not serve the same Chinese dishes found in New York or San Francisco Chinese restaurants.  Perhaps the Joy Young Restaurant, in Birmingham, Ala. was the best known and largest Chinese restaurant in the South until it closed sometime in the 1970s.  Its fried chicken (this was the South) was one of its most popular items along with its egg rolls. Black men rather than women were hired as waiters although Jim Crow laws did not allow blacks to dine in restaurants that served mostly white patrons.  Since the Chinese lacked proficient English skills, the use of Black waiters was a practical consideration.  Whites were accustomed to having blacks as domestics and had no problems with being served by them.  During its heyday, live bands provided music for patrons wanting to dance.?yola-link-is-coming=true