Helen Wong, of Auckland, New Zealand, has been one of my faithful correspondents for several years. Since she is a dedicated poster of information from all over the world about the Overseas Chinese, about a year ago I asked her whether chop suey was as popular down under as it used to be in North America. She observed:
           Up to the 1960s most people ate at home... In the early 70s, some Chinese men arrived here, and started Hong Kong Style takeaways. There were some restaurants that catered to the locals, but the meals were westernized for their tastes... fried rice, chow mein (with vegetables like cauliflower, celery, onion, carrot slices).  

            Chop Suey was not  something that was a common feature on New Zealand menus. However, Helen did point out that Samoa now has its version of Chop Suey!