In Yellowknife, NW Territorties, the Wild Cat Cafe, opened in 1937-8, was a gathering place for prospectors, miners and pilots and the hub of Yellowknife's social activity. Prospectors wheeled and dealed, community members held meetings and banquets, while visitors came and went by floatplane. Later, the Wild Cat was used as Yellowknife's first ice cream parlour and Chinese restaurant.


 Named using the initials of the last names of its founders,  Calvert, Vopni, and Menlove, the CVM cafe in Carberry, Manitoba, opened as a western-style restaurant with a formal second-floor dining room before it became a Chinese restaurant and coffee shop operated by the Kwan Yuen family, a long-standing line of local confectioners and restaurateurs.  Nearly every small urban centre in Manitoba boasted a Chinese restaurant (and many still do), a source of mildly exotic food in an otherwise conventional North American market of dining-out cuisine.Source: Town of Carberry By-law No. 5/2006, June 12, 2007